No Story Too Small To Trade

Regina Artist Trading Cards invite you to tell your story in the gallery exhibit: “No Story Too Small to Trade”

Exhibition at Dunlop Art Gallery and Panel discussion with Don Mabie at the MacKenzie Art Gallery – Fall 2010.

Submit by June 30, 2010 to:

  • No Story Too Small to Trade
  • (ATC’s @ the Dunlop Art Gallery),
  • attention: Regina ATC Steering Committee, Curators.
  • c/o, Sharon Eisbrenner,
  • 239 Radisson Bay,
  • Regina, SK, S4Y 1C8

How will you tell your story? An edition of ATC mini books, Tiny quilt? A multi-card story, mini puppets with a play or a tiny stocking filled with your dreams? Painting of your car? A tiny zine? Mini comic?

1. Please send us six original (6) ATCs— a set of 6, or 6 versions of your work related to the theme. The first version/copy of your ATC story will be kept for the ATC mini-library display at the Dunlop Art gallery with the intent to tour; your 5 other copies will be traded as part of this ATC event, and returned to you, in your self addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) at the close of the gallery exhibition. Also in return for your submission, you will receive a copy of the publication documenting this event.

2. Please include with your 6 card ATC submission: a return envelope (SASE), your contact information, including e-mail (if possible) and 1 page maximum about you and the way you made your work. Please indicate if you do not want your work on posted on the web.

For More Information, please contact the Regina ATC at

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